Thalia Botsari

Hey there, I am a Product designer with a passion for colour and illustration. I get excited the moment new ideas come to life and the potential they hold to increase joy in one's life.

In the last 10 years, I have been part of teams that designed and launched both digital and physical products. Working in small teams and also for my self meant I had to be flexible, disciplined and plan my own work, learn fast and wear many hats to make sure work is delivered on time.

I have also been facilitating and teaching creative workshops for over 5 years. Transferring knowledge gives me great satisfaction and joy. The ability to spark creativity in others and see them discover newfound passions has helped me grow as a person and a designer.

I get inspired by the world around me. Art, design, nature, craftsmanship and the diversity of different cultures. I love to learn and be inspired by the people that surround me.

A dog lover, crafter and traveller, I have lived in four countries and speak three languages. I am currently learning German and a little Korean.



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